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Fine Wisdom (suzhou) Drive System Co, LTD was established in 2006, a total investment is $17.5 million. A factory building area of 17365.63 square meters, and there are 200 staffs and 40 engineers.


Company's gearbox technicians and R & D technologist composed of core technical team,based on solid technology support we has established professional gearbox maintenance service team,providing national customers superior gearbox maintenance solutions,including gearbox scheduled maintenance and innovation repair, as well as routine maintain gearbox.

Meanwhile,our company has mature gearbox knowledge training system, oriented wind farm owners to carry out theoretical training and on-site practice, fully utilized our company's technology and resources advantages for each wind farm owners, offer a professional information exchange platform, deepen exchanges and cooperation between industry customers.

Our company focuse on the domestic gearboxes maintenance market , and have started cooperation with leading international gearbox designers , we strive to construction gearbox global service system, extends its influence, becoming the industry unparalleled gearbox service corporation.