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Closed cooling water forced lubricating system analysis

Published:2015-07-03 Hits:552

Motor and gear box with closed cooling water forced lubricating system. To pump in operation since the shaft core is changed twice a major failure. Start still due to vibration big trip again turn back. Quarantine inspection and factory-confirmed fault with the previous similar shaft core needs to be replaced. The same fault twice exposed the water supply system logic design, operations and thermal system design and some of the problems that exist on the layout. Since the failure of the two fault analysis and results are generally the same phenomenon, the paper describes the main fault with the first inspection for example. The direction of rotation of the pump shaft core NDE thrust watts of several wear the pump direction is opposite (clockwise direction for the coupling). NDE thrust tile fixed end there are some wear and tear. Drive end radial bearing good radial destructive but non-drive end bearing is not the case, it may be due to the thrust tile debris caused damage to the thrust tile shows no oil pump in the case reversed for some time. Balance drum and casing killed, the last stage impeller is NDE shield damage ,, these injuries also shows the pump reverse. The inner and outer sides of the non drive end seals have some carbon deposits. These phenomena show that the pump has been running non-linear region, it may be due to the balance drum return pipe flange gasket damaged, leading to the rapid decline in the pressure caused by water vaporization caused. You can see the non-drive end seal grommet have the same damage, indicating that the NDE is also under tremendous thrust. In addition, the drum had to be fast switching valve, which can be derived from the button hole deformable sealing grommet. From the serious extent of the damage, the failure is unlikely to be due to the check valve Water & Electric Machinery cited record start date and time for the pump is tripped, switchgear recorded as overload and start again to pump trip, place direct negative axial Great start to pump displacement alarm is tripped, switchgear record to overload the auxiliary power switch to start the trip to the pumps, axial displacement big trip; subsequently pum